I tender my services as a historical consultant within the field of genealogy.

It is possible to invite offers.

In addition to my general historical interest, I have been occupied with studying my own private family history. Besides being a researcher in my own genealogy, I have also made family history research for others in my nearest circle. In the following, there will be giving an account of the different types of genealogy.

Genealogical table:

The genealogical table is taking recent times and one particular person as its starting point. That particular person is designated proband, a term from the Latin language. From the proband, one seeks the ancestors’ footsteps back in time.

Table of descent:

The table of descent starts in the past and follows the spreading of the family towards the present.

Table of consanguinity:

The table of consanguinity is a combination of a genealogical table and a table of descent. The table of consanguinity includes those people one is blood related to. The table of consanguinity includes by definition a genealogical table back to an arbitrary selected generation combined with complete tables of descents for all couples of ancestors in that generation. Normally, one will, however, take the proband and his or hers descendants as one’s starting point, subsequently follows the proband’s parents and their other descendants, the grandparents and the great-grandparents with their posterity et cetera.


I offer to work out all three types of genealogy tables, as I receive commissions on genealogy books.

Another way of combining a genealogical table and a table of descent is to compose a genealogy book for a particular person or a particular married couple. Typically, one would select a married couple in the 19th century and first work out a complete table of descent and also a genealogical table for each of the spouses.