Curriculum Vitae

Name: Mads Valdemar Egsgaard Hauge

Born: 8 January 1988


Young historian with involvement and enterprise

Through my engagements I have acquired experience in the field of museum work, both as an academic employee and as a museum keeper as a substitute. I have work experience within registration, working with projects, and transmission of history. This means that I have a relative wide knowledge of many of the different museum tasks. History is my whole life, I am particurlarly a great lover of the following subjects: the history of the European monarchies, Nordic history, family history and political history. Through my work experience I have had the opportunity of looking into and soak myself in different parts of the history of Denmark. I am motivated by the good and well-told story with both local, national and international perspectives. This means a great diversity and flexibility in relation to the workplaces, where I can make use of my history professional qualifications.


2012: Graduate in history at Aarhus University.

2007: Modern linguist from Tørring Gymnasium.

2004: School leaving examination from Lindved School.


2017 (January-March): trainee period, VejleMuseerne.

  • registration of the collection of the museum

  • composition of school material about the witch trials in the 17th century


Amalienborg – The Royal Danish Collection

2016 (August-October): trainee period, Amalienborg – The Royal Danish Collection.

  • worked with a project concerning the relations between the Danish Royal House and the Faroe Islands


Billund Museum

2013-2016: trainee period, academic employee and museum keeper as a substitute, Billund Museum.

  • composed a number of texts for exhibitions at the Museum Farm Karensminde

  • responsible for two exhibitions in Vorbasse Recreation Centre about the ancient history of Vorbasse and the cavalry charge at Vorbasse on 29 February 1864 respectively

  • written texts for a new exhibition at Borgergade 27, Grindsted

  • conducted tour of the collection of the museum regarding the German Occupation and conducted tour with school classes at Grindsted Museum, the Museum Farm Karensminde and in the Occupation Collection

  • drawn up new transmission initiatives in relation to the occupation of Denmark 1940-1945

  • written three blogs on Twitter in the marking of the 70th Anniversary of the rescue of the Danish Jews in 1943

  • conducted tour of the footsteps of the German Occupation in Grindsted in relation to the marking of the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Denmark in May 2015

  • collaborated with Billund Municipality on a project regarding demarcation and determination of cultural environments in the municipality

  • written press releases to the different arrangements of the museum


Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Viking Kings

2014 (September-December): consultant and project employee, Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Viking Kings (Nationalmuseet – National Museum of Denmark) and subsequently consultant until the spring of 2016 and in 2017 (September-October).

  • new transmission of the history of the list of Danish monarchs

  • drawn up a genealogical table and a list of fascinating histories with interesting perspectives from the history of the Danish Monarchy

  • written texts about the Danish monarchs from Gorm the Old to Margaret II

On 12 April and 20 May 2017 I have transmitted this part of the exhibition for the guests of the museum. On 20 May 2017 it was in connection with the event Gorm’s family rally, where descendants of Gorm the Old are meeting at Kongernes Jelling. Here, they are met by genealogists, who examine the participants’ own genealogy books in order to confirm the kinship. The event is repeated on 12 May 2018, where I also participate as an expert at the list of Danish monarchs.


Give-Egnens Museum

2014 (June-October): trainee period and museum employee, Give-Egnens Museum.

  • registered archive material at Give Local Historical Archive

  • written localities to Historisk Atlas (Historical Atlas)

  • conducted tour with school classes at the museum


Amalienborg – The Royal Danish Collection

2013 (April): trainee period, Amalienborg – The Royal Danish Collection.

  • worked with an academic project concerning Christian IX’s ascending of the throne in 1863


Voluntary work

From November 2012: voluntary work for the Local Historical Archive of the Sindbjerg Parish

  • transcribed local historical material

  • historical consultant in connection with composition of the member paper in Sindbjerg Parish Local Historical Association



2011: 12 weeks trainee period, Vejle City Archive.

  • registered private records

  • registered public records

  • written several articles to the digital encyclopaedia of the archive,



“Vejles omegnskommuner under Treårskrigen 1848-50”, Vejlebogen (published by Byhistorisk Selskab for Vejle), 2012, pp. 57-71.

”Hvidøre”, 2013, article for

”Af og til lysnede det dog lidt” – Rytterfægtningen ved Hjortsballe den 30. marts 1864”, Give-Egnens Museums Årsskrift 2014, pp. 16-26.

“En handske der væltede en konge?”, Lokalavisen Vejle 7 February 2017.

“Arkivernes Dag 2017 på Sindbjerg Sogns Lokalhistoriske Arkiv”, OmSLAget, vol. 4, 2017, pp. 6-8.

“Rytterfægtningen ved Vorbasse den 29. februar 1864 – En fortidsbrugsundersøgelse af en sejrrig træfning i 1864-krigen”, Lokalhistorie fra Sydøstjylland 2018, pp. 16-33.

For The Royal Danish Collection I have written the following articles :

Christian 9.s tronbestigelse i 1863, 1 page.

Tronskiftet 1863 – Christian 9.s tronbestigelse i et politisk og nationalt perspektiv, pp. 1-31.

Christian 9. versus Christian 10. – forholdet mellem den første og tredje glücksborger, pp. 1-30.

Ja, det var den trangeste tid i mit liv – Christian 9.s første år som dansk konge 1863-1864, pp. 1-32.

Christian 9. og Dronning Louise – det første glücksborgske kongepar, pp. 1-19.

Prins Christians (9.) deltagelse i Treårskrigen 1848-50 i et identitetshistorisk, dansk og europæisk perspektiv, pp. 1-73.

Christian 9. – Danmarks Europas svigerfar og hans efterslægt i de europæiske konge-og fyrstehuse i nationalismens tidsalder, pp. 1-100.

Kongehuset og Færøerne, pp. 1-61.

Six selected articles from

Artikel 1 Eriksgataen i Vejle 1840

Artikel 2 Vejle-besøg og troppeparaden ved Hedensted 1844

Artikel 3 Troppeparaden på Lerbæk Mark 1848

Artikel 4 Frederik den Danske i Vejle og Jelling 1857

Artikel 5 Kongeligt sølvbryllup i Vejle 1867

Artikel 6 Europas svigerfar på besøg i Skyttehuset 1869


Poul Porskær Poulsen, from 1989 to 2012 archivist at Vejle City Archive,, telephone number: 75 72 49 57.

Birgit Jenvold, museum keeper at Amalienborg – The Royal Danish Collection,, telephone number: 33 12 21 86.

John Rendboe, curator of Billund Museum from 2004 to 2015,, telephone number: 79 72 74 91.

Ole Bisbjerg, curator of Billund Kommunes Museer,, telephone number: 72 13 14 80.

Anne M. Provst Skinnerup, curator of Give-Egnens Museum from 2010 to 2015,, telephone number: 75 73 93 75.

Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen, project manager at Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Viking Kings and transmission responsible at Nationalmuseet – National Museum of Denmark, Vejle Municipality,, telephone number: 24 75 84 86.

Mikael Bøgh Rasmussen, librarian at HM The Queen’s Reference Library,, telephone number: 33 18 60 67.